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Positano & Amalfi

Positano & Amalfi full day private boat tour

About the Positano & Amalfi full day private boat tour

8 hours | Private boat | Up to 12 guests

While on your dream vacation on the Sorrento Coast and the Amalfi Coast experiencing Positano and Amalfi are perfect for honeymooners, couples, friends or families looking for a one of a kind experience. The beautiful and enchanting villages of these towns are located in the Gulf of Salerno divided by the Gulf of Sorrento from the Sorrentine Peninsula. Take an amazing trip on our private boat ride from Sorrento to Positano and to Amalfi, it’s the best choice for those who love the sea and who are wanting to also visit the colorful city take amazing pictures from the boat and also by land to all the gems along the coast. If you’re looking to spend an enchanting day on new safe boats and live a day in true ‘dolce vita’ style, then this is for you!


Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Hi-Fi

Enjoy the music you like on board


Free drinks

Fresh drinks are available for free

Snorkeling equipment

Diving mask

Snorkel in the blue sea of the Amalfi Coast

Safety equipment

Safety equipment

Life jackets – safety is our n. one priority!

Positano full day private boat tour itinerary

The tour will basically start from Sorrento, but according to your need it can start from wherever you want. The first part of the navigation will be on Sorrento Coast where you can admire all the beauty of the coast, such as Bagni della Regina Giovanna and a small natural waterfall from the mountain. Then we will pass through Punta Campanella where you will admire the most important ancient defense Saracen Tower that also divide the Sorrento Coast from Amalfitan Coast.

Then we will start to sail along the Amalfi Coast where you will admire the Ieranto Bay, the touristic village of Nerano, which is very famous for the cuisine and the good restaurants there, the Dream Bay, Pertuso Grotto and the natural beach of Tordigliano where you can also stop to swim and relax.

After we will reach Positano where our captain can take beautiful pictures for you in front of the Positano’s Pyramid, also you have the chance to land and visit the town.

After the stops in Positano you will start the navigation to Amalfi and visit the Emerald Cave if the sea and the weather condition permit it and the Fiord of Furore. After you will reach Amalfi where our captain can take beautiful pictures for you in front of the Amalfi Duomo and also land to visit the town.

After the visit you will return and in case the weather is good and there is enough time left, in according to the captain you can pass next the Li Galli Island to admire the charming island and swim along the natural area.

Sorrento Port

Alternative meeting point

Marina Grande, Sorrento

Meeting point

Bagni della Regina Giovanna
Saracen tower
Punta Campanella

Lighthouse and watch tower

Ieranto bay
Nerano village
Conca del Sogno and Pertuso cave
Crapolla fjord
Tordigliano beach
Punta Germano
Furore fjord
Emerald cave
Li Galli islands

Departure from Sorrento Harbour or others on request

On the first stop of the tour you will discover the beautiful Baths of Queen Giovanna, an enchanting and magical hidden gem in Sorrento, a natural waterfall and the historical Saracen defense Tower of Punta Campanella.


Navigation to the Amalfi Coast

Start navigation on the side of the Amalfi Coast and visit Ieranto Bay, the Village of Nerano, Dream Bay, Pertuso Grotto, Natural beach of Tordigliano.


Disembark and free time to visit Positano

Admire Poistano by sea and take pictures of Positano and also have free time on the land to visit the city on foot.


Disembark and free time to visit Amalfi

After Positano you have the chance to visit Emerald Cave based on sea conditions, the Fiordo of Furore and Amalfi town also by land.


Return to Sorrento

Departure from Amalfi and return to Sorrento with an added option of sailing along Li Galli islands if weather and sea permit. As the tour now comes to an end our skipper will take you back to Sorrento Harbour.


How many people are included within the Positano & Amalfi full day private boat tour?

Our Positano & Amalfi full day private boat tour can have a minimum of 1 people to a maximum of 12 travelers on board, also depending on the boat size chosen.

What stops are included within the tour?

Our tour includes a visit to the Baths of Queen Giovanna, Saracen Towers, Natural Waterfall, Ieranto Bay, Nerano Village, Dream Bay, Pertuso Grotto, Tordigliano beach, Positano, the Emerald Cave, Furore Fjord, Amalfi and probably also Li Galli islands. This can also be personalized to your needs.

How much time will we have to visit Positano & Amalfi?

If you choose to follow our itinerary you will have a total of 1-2 full hours to discover the beautiful Positano and the same amount of time to visit Amalfi, take some amazing pictures with your loved ones, friends or family as well as enjoying the famous shopping street of Positano and also Amalfi. Should you prefer to personalize your experience you can choose the amount of hours you’d like to spend in both towns.


Are there refreshments included within the tour?

You will have access to an open bar service which includes water, soft drinks, and beer. For lunch you have the choice as to where you’d like to eat or our skipper can give you great suggestions on where to enjoy the best food on the island.

What does the price include?

The price includes captain, open bar service, snorkeling equipment, gasoline, safety equipment.

On request with an extra cost, you can ask for snacks, food and towels.


Our boat tours are fully accessible and wheelchair-friendly! We’ve taken special measures to ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the sea with ease. Whether you’re a person with disabilities or simply looking for a more inclusive experience, we’re committed to making your journey unforgettable.

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